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Nobby’s Beach Pharmacy

Back in 2009 Nobby’s Beach pharmacy was another business to be targeted by the same perpetrator 4 times over and 18 month period. The CCTV footage wasn’t bad quality, yet it was never enough to get a conviction because a family member was always prepared to give an alibi placing his whereabouts no where near the crime scene. On the final occasion, this criminal was sprayed with DNA Guardian. The police were able to make an arrest that same day and see the solution glowing under black light. The arresting officer said “He glowed like a Christmas tree!” This criminal is currently behind bars, and the pharmacy has been safe from any further attacks since 2009.


These are just a few of the results DNA Guardian has been successful in achieving with our customers. We have many more examples of the same. Call us and we’d be very happy to share them with you.

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